North East Canoe Club Kayak Instructor Training – 2021

In 2021 we were lucky enough to be successful in acquiring The Reimaging Health grant from VicHealth to allow us to provide funding for our youth club members to be trained in Grade 2 Whitewater Kayaking Instruction. This training has ensured our club has a number of qualified whitewater kayaking instructors to run our regular whitewater skills sessions held in summer on the Ovens River near Myrtleford. This skills training continues with eskimo rolling training in the Moore than Swimming swimming pool in Wangaratta during winter.

These skills training sessions are an essential part of our clubs activities and provide a training pathway for beginner whitewater paddlers to acquire the essential skills to progress them in the sport of whitewater kayaking. These sessions also foster a social connection within our club as we share dinner after these sessions allowing our members to socialise and connect. This allows our club to deliver an enjoyable and fun physical activity as well as a connected social community of supportive friends and fellow paddlers.

Having fully qualified instructors in our club elevates the quality of our club training to ensure that our developing paddlers are able to acquire excellent skills and progress towards developing their abilities in the sport of kayaking. Better training avoids bad habits in paddlers, improves safety on the river and fosters more enjoyment in the sport.

Thank you to Dita Pahl from Velocity Water Sports for providing a professional and enjoyable training experience.